If you’ve been invited to undertake the LNAT exam as part of your university application process, then congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from gaining a place at law school.

The LNAT examinations are used by several universities to assess the suitability of applicants for a place on their law degree courses, but many potential students can find this part of the process stressful and a source of worry and anxiety.

This stage of the application process is split into two parts. This first is a multiple-choice question exam that lasts two hours and fifteen minutes. It is then followed by an essay-based assessment where applicants are given a question to respond to in an essay style. This part lasts just forty minutes.

Applicants aren’t expected to have any specialist knowledge of the law at this stage as this will be something you will learn if your pass the assessment and gain a place at law school. What assessors are looking for is judgment and reasoning skills as these will be crucial later on in a law career.

This makes the LNAT something that you can’t really revise for as there’s no simple black and white answer to any of the questions at either stage, but there is something that can help you ace the LNAT exam.

The UniLaw LNAT masterclass is run by lawyers and law students who have previously taken the exam and passed with exceptional results. During the day-long course, you’ll learn expert techniques on critical and logical thinking, the skills you’ll need to distinguish between similar questions and how to process large amounts of information quickly as well as other skills that can help you get amazing results.

You’ll also be taught how to answer an essay-style question on a subject you know nothing about and how to argue your case decisively and persuasively. We’ll also share our secrets on the best essay structure and how to make your answer stand out from the crowd which are both critical to your success at the LNAT exam stage.

So, if you’re looking to gain top marks in your upcoming LNAT examination, thenclick hereto find out more about our LNAT masterclass or get in touch with the UniLaw team today.

Remember, spaces are strictly limited so make sure you get in touch as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.