Writing your personal statement when applying to law school can seem really daunting at first. It’s your first opportunity to wow the decision makers who will ultimately decide if you get a place on the law degree course of your choice or not.

Instead of letting the pressure mount up, here are our tips on how to get started writing your personal statement.

 Understand how your personal statement will be used

Aside from your name and UCAS ID, this first stage of the application process gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd and showcase exactly what makes you unique and suitable for the course.

You’re only given a maximum of 4,000 words to convey a lot of information to the people who will be deciding your fate, so it’s essential that your personal statement makes an impact to fend off the other applicants that are vying for the same space in the lecture hall.

Get an idea on the structure

Without a clear structure, the key pieces of information contained within your personal statement might seem to diffuse, or you could fail to give the person viewing it all of the details they’ll need to make an informed decision on your application.

In this word count, you’ll need to explain why you want to study law, why you’re right for the course, what work experience or additional learning you’ve done outside of your studies and how they’ll be relevant to your degree.

It’s a lot to cover in just 4,000 words, so you’ll need to keep to this structure religiously in order to get everything in.

Seek some help from the professionals

Getting an edge of the other applicants is crucial if you want to nail that place at your chosen law school, so our personal statement workshops won’t only give you expert advice on how to get started, but by the end of the day you’ll leave with a solid first draft for you to polish up at home.

Ran by industry experts induction UCAS staff, members of the legal profession and current law school students, you’ll discover all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to get your personal statement noticed and give you the best possible chance of being accepted.

Click here to find out more about our personal statement workshops and how they can help you create a personal statement with the wow factor.

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