There’s no doubt about it, if you’re going to make an impact in the legal profession you’ll need good grades at every stage of your academic career. But what’s also important is work experience so you can get a thorough working knowledge of working practices, processes and a solid commercial awareness of why legal service providers exist in the first place.

If you’re looking to embark on your next phase on your journey towards your dream legal career, you’ll no doubt be one of the thousands of potential students seeking to go to one of the many law schools dotted around at Universities all over the UK.

But with fierce competition for every single place on each law degree course, having a little experience on your side can help you outshine the other potential candidates vying for your spot in the lecture hall.

However, with so many legal implications when it comes to taking on work experience students and the whole data protection act to consider, may legal firms are wary of letting students any further than the office meeting room, never mind giving them access to confidential personal data!

So how exactly are you supposed to overcome this potential stumbling block?

UniLaw has created a unique one-day intensive workshop to help would-be law degree students get a real taste of being a lawyer for the day. Our imaginatively titled ‘Lawyer for the day’ course is open to anyone thinking of pursuing a degree in law to give them hands-on experience and provide them with an understanding of the English legal system, allow them to develop strong reasoning and analytical skills and provide them with the ability to communicate complex issues clearly and concisely.

There’s also a mock trial for attendees to take part and by the end of the day, you’ll have a unique insight that will allow you to decide if a career in law is the path for you.

You’ll also be able to demonstrate your commitment to your future studies by mentioning your attendance at the workshop that is run by UniLaw’s elite team of top barristers and city solicitors, influential judges, law students and UCAS law experts.

Click hereto find out more about this unique one-day course experience and how by attending you can get a leading edge when it comes to those personal statements and university place applications.

If you’re coming to the end of your A-levels and are considering law as a future profession, it would be a great idea to gain some real work experience to make doubly sure that this is the route you want to take when it comes to applying to study law at degree level, right?

Sadly, due to a wide range of legal issues and implications surrounding the subject of client data and your lack of experience, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get the legal work experience you’ve been looking for to see if law school is the right career avenue for you.

So how am I supposed to know if it’s the right choice if I can’t get any experience?

Unfortunately, you find yourself in a really tricky situation. On the one hand, no legal services provider will offer you any work experience as you’ve never been in that kind of setting before, but as no one will give you the chance to join them for a few days you just find yourself going around in circles!

As frustrating as this situation is, there is another way to gain some real insight into the legal profession without constantly hitting a brick wall every time you approach a business in the hope they might give you a few days’ work experience.

How about the opportunity to be a lawyer for a day?

Sounds too good to be true, but this a real opportunity that’s not to be missed if you’re serious about pursuing a career in law.

UniLaw has created an intensive one-day work experience programme designed and run by our elite team of top barristers and city solicitors, influential judges, law students and UCAS law experts to give you the chance to experience a day in the life of a real lawyer.

From workshops on understanding the legal system, communicating complex issues skills and a mock trial, this unique one-day course is a must if you want to discover if law is the right path for you before making any further decisions about your next step on your future career journey.

Not only will this give you a great insight into the legal profession, but you’ll also be able to wow your university of choice in your personal statement and at interview stage by mentioning your attendance at the UniLaw course.

To find out more, click here and inquire about our next Lawyer for the Day course dates.

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