As an aspiring lawyer, barrister or solicitor, you’ll want to be able to keep your finger on the pulse of all things legal.

If you’re looking for a little light reading, want to do some research before an interview for a university place or just want to keep ahead of your classmates with what’s going on in the legal world, then here’s some of our favourite online sources that are well worth keeping an eye on.

The Law Society Gazette

The independent professional body for solicitors, the Law Society has its very own gazette that covers a wide range of legal topics, breaking news, advice and blogs from industry professionals. All posts are completely free to access.

There’s also a unique career counselling area where you’ll find a series of FAQs from those hoping to join or already in the legal profession, so it’s an excellent resource for students seeking to get an insight into the role.


Powered by, LegalWeek is a hub of useful legal publications from around the globe and provides detailed analysis and news stories.

It also has a dedicated career ladder blog that offers expert advice on career development for individuals at any stage of their legal careers and a wide range of statistics pulled from regular surveys conducted by the publication. These could be very helpful when you embark on your own academic journey towards a career in the law industry.

The Lawyer

A one-stop website for the latest legal news, international deals and disputes plus comments on the most recent cases, The Lawyer is great for helping those hoping to join the legal profession find out more about the legal environment and how law firms operate.

It also features a handy market reports section that can offer some great insights for essays and University assignments, plus you can sign up for free email alerts and receive breaking legal news direct to your inbox.

Law Cheek

This is one of our favourite resources for aspiring legal professionals. Legal Cheek showcases some of the latest legal stories in a simple and easy to understand format as well as offering a range of legal events for students.

Their job section is also particularly useful as its geared towards those just breaking into the legal sector after Uni, so its well worth keeping an eye on this upbeat and slightly quirky website.