The team at Uni Law would like to let you into a little secret when it comes to choosing your A-level subjects, if you’re thinking of going to law school.

Basically, it’s this – take the subjects that you’re strongest in and expect to get the best results at the end of your course.

This might seem like an odd piece of advice, but Universities are looking for the highest grades possible when they accept students on to their law degree courses, so whatever subjects you choose, they need to be in areas that you excel in.

All universities vary in when it comes to the grades they’ll accept for entry on to law degrees, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim high and try to get the best grades you possibly can just because you think that’s what they’re looking for.

There’s little point in studying politics or social sciences if this isn’t a particularly strong subject for you as the grades you receive at the end of your A-level studies will be disappointing. Instead, it’s a far better idea to play to your strengths and do well in your final exams and assessments to get the best grades you possibly can.

During the application and interview process, the University decision makers are well versed in making a call on which candidates to accept for their law degrees and can see value in almost every A level subject.

For example, if English is one of your strongest subjects, it’s a good idea to choose this as an option for your A levels as a good grade demonstrates excellent essay writing and text interpretation skills.

For those with an interest in theatre, drama is a good choice as there are several valuable skills to be learnt from communicating to an audience and retaining vast amounts of information that can be experienced from reading and memorising scripts.

If science is a strong subject for you, don’t be afraid as selecting this as an A-level option as many corporate clients seek out legal professionals with an interest and appreciation of the sciences, so it may pay dividends later on in life.

So, you see, it’s not the subjects you take that will ultimately affect your success in gaining a place at law school, it’s your grades. Be sure to choose a subject you believe will give you the best possible results and most of all, enjoy.