All Universities expect to see an attention-grabbing and succinct personal statement as part of the UCAS application process, so it’s essential that you create the right impression from the start.

Although many law school applicants can find the whole personal statement creation process daunting, with a little expert help, you can create a winning statement that engages the decision maker and makes them want to find out a little more about you.

As this is your first opportunity to tell the reader about your achievements and ambitions, you’ll want to wow them to help fend off the countless other applicants who are hoping to win a place at your University of choice. Read on for some expert advice on what you should include in your personal statement when applying to law school.

Explain your motivation for applying

University decision-makers will want to be assured that your motivation for studying law comes from a deep desire to succeed in the legal profession. They want students that will stay the course, so you’ll need to get across just how passionate you are about law and what led you to this decision.


This should take up the majority of your 4,000 character allowance and detail the subjects you’ve taken at A level and how the skills and subjects will help you in your law degree studies.


In this section, its time to discuss any interests you have outside the classroom such as voluntary work or hobbies that could be closely linked with the law profession.

Work experience

Your University will want to see that you’ve had real-world experience, so detail any paid or unpaid work experience you’ve had so far. If you’ve struggled to gain any experience in a relevant field, our Lawyer for a Dayoffers an intensive one-day workshop that can really impress decision makers.


Keeping to the most relevant hobbies, briefly detail any activities you enjoy and be sure to mention any legal publications you read or subscribe to show your commitment to the subject of law.

Personal statements take time, editing and most importantly, effort to get right. Our one-day personal statement workshopis ideal for anyone wishing to study law at degree level and was created by UniLaw’s team of solicitors, barristers, judges, law students, and UCAS application experts to give you the skills to get noticed.

You’ll also learn how your personal statement is used by Universities, uncover the secrets to a great statement and best of all finish the day with a full 1stdraft for you to finish off at home.

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